Waiting on God

Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!
(Psalms 27:14)

A guest house on Sister Deborah's property


  1. Our things arrived from the US without too many problems, considering what could have happened. If you want to know more about this read our other blog: The story of a box that was almost an allegory.
  2. We are almost done with our classes to teach English as a second language. By the time this blog is published we should have both turned in our final project!
  3. Last week we were all sick to some degree, but we are feeling better now and much happier for it. There is a change of seasons going on now and many times with the change of seasons comes sickness. 
  4. Though we are not asking for money, God has been blessing us with donations. We thank Him for his goodness to us and for each of you who have been so kind as to donate towards this new project in Senegal.
  5. One of the students that some of you have helped us sponsor, Lazaro Correa, is now a pastor in Guinea Bissau and has six churches. He will get married in June and has invited us to his wedding. If possible we would like to attend. Thanks so much to those who helped us help him to go to school.


  1. A local friend of ours is helping us find a vehicle. We are praying his contacts will have just the right Toyota for our project and at an affordable price. There are more and more needs surfacing that show us that a pick up will help us help the church here more efficiently. 
  2. We are praying for the right place to live. We have several options right now and are praying that God would show us clearly the place He has for our family and where we should base our project. We need a place to live, a place for storage of health educational materials, a place for the children to play, and area to have a garden. God has just the right place and we are thankful that we can wait on Him to show us where it is. There is a place near where Sister Deborah has land in the country that would cover these needs, but it costs nearly a million dollars. It is owned by an Adventist man and he is selling about 10 acres of land. If we look for land further away from Sister Deborah the land is cheaper, but we want to be close by. Praying for wisdom.
  3. Many of you are asking when we'll be seeing Lika. We've had a scheduling conflict and won't be going till the end of March to see her. Please pray for us as well as the family she is living with as we plan out how best to help each other in this transition. 
  4. We see so many needs that we are needing God to help us learn to focus on what is important to Him and now what seems exciting or necessary. He is the one who knows everything and has the best idea of what is important. We need to be humble enough to wait and trust on Him.